The Nigh Omnipotent Lime is one of the most powerful dieties in the Universe. It currently resides in the Multi-Dimensional Fireball, along with the Nigh Omnipotent Lemon and other Fruit Dieties.


Nigh Omnipotent Lime has two black and white eyeballs with an eyelash coming off of each. Unlike Nigh Omnipotent Lemon, Lime does not have any hair, not even eyebrows (which Lemon has). Nigh Omnipotent Lime has an oral cavity, which is straighter than Lemon's. Lime also wears a top hat like Lemon's, only it is a light violet rather than black, and has a pink stripe instead of a crimson one.


Nigh Omnipotent Lime hates be mistaken for a feijoa or "a green lemon". However, the Lime is overall more calm than The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon, only causing minor protests over the dismemberment of limes to use in key lime pie. Her followers tend to feel the same, with only a few killing people to make key human pie.