The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is one of the most powerful dieties in the Universe. It resides in the Multi-Dimensional Fireball, and descends on to the world every once in a while.

It's true form is Lulu Lemonade.


Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is a lemon with black eyebrows and black eyeballs with white pixels in them. How lemons can have hair (due to the eyebrows, which are strips of hair) is currently unknown, and best unquestioned. The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon also has an oral cavity, shaped like the number "3". In addition, the lemon wears a tall black stove pipe hat with a crimson stripe on it.


The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is a highly respected fruit being, being a deity. Legends tell that the Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is a demonstrator, causing riots against the murder of lemons and using their innards as flavoring agents in pie meringue, lemon bars, solutions, marmalade. This has been confirmed when Robert Jacob first saw the lemon in person, who was using telekinesis to lift four protest signs, one for against meringue pie, one for against lemon bars, one against for solutions, and one for against marmalade. Some of his followers will kidnap humans and use the innards as pie, bars, and human marmalade.


Fruit Deities: Part 1

Fruit Dieties: Part 2


  • Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is friends with the Apple Deity.
    • Nigh Omnipotent Lemon attempted to make a deal with Robert. That deal was cocaine.
  • Nigh Omnipotent Lemon is the first live action character in Venture, along with Nigh Omnipotent Lime. The second is Muffin. The third is the multiple corpses in Cann Behemoth.