Temple Bi-Journey is a Season One episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert Jacob has decided that he will go on another temple exploration, but this time to two different temples of the same types. Robert decides to only bring us brothers for this trip, considering the apocalypse team always gets lost. They start off at the jungle temple, where Terrence notices a large number of Crawlers living around the area, in addition to an abundance of human skulls. Robert locates the temple, calling it "the one with rock Skiteasaurs". They enter the temple, and Terrence tells Robert that it may be scary. A corpse impaled by a spiked crusher falls apart right next to Tyler, who gets horrified and lets out a girly scream.

As the brothers continue through the temple, Robert notes Terrence's fear of "Skeletons with Arrows" and cobwebs, with there being an abundance of both in the temple. Tyler notices a gap with no way out, besides a branch sticking out of part of the temple. Athansios decides that they will each swing from the twig, and then get past the spear shooting trap. The brothers make it past both traps, and reach where the treasure is contained, with skulls and spikes covered a wall with a sign reading "What is the colour of Superman's cape?" with three levers; the left one saying "yellow", the middle one saying "blue", and the right one saying "crimson". The brothers are dumbfounded, so Robert picks "blue", and hears creaking and rolling sounds. Terrence decides they should hit "crimson", which they do, and the trove opens to reveal treasure chests.

The brothers walk out from the temple with gold doubloons from the chests, however, a boulder rolls after them, sending the brothers running like hell. A bunch of bats fly over, horrifying Tyler again, and the stone skull on the front of the temple starts saying satanic words, causing spikes to shoot from the walls and the brothers to run out.