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Skitesaurs are horrible genetic experiments found across the Peskite Wastelands. They are usually multiple creatures fused together using a genetic and viral substance, which is injected into them. The base creature can still retain it's normal form, but it'll be somewhat slightly deformed. The deformities may depend on the amount of venitic substance injected. Some Skitesaurs are actually some of Peskite's most wanted, horrificly turned into genetic monsters.


Rainforest Temple (Statues Only)

Temple Bi-Journey (Statues Only)

Venturian Island

Ultra Team: Part One (Statue Only)

Ultra Team 2.0 (Statue Only)


  • Gold Tooth appears to have an obsession with Skiteasaurs, or at least statues of them, specifically gold statues. It is unknown whether Gold Tooth is obsessed with them in general, or just golden statues of Skiteasaurs.[1]
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