Rocks are a common inosilicate mineral. The crystals are monoclinic and prismatic. Rock has two prominent cleavages, meeting at angles of 90 degrees. The word rock comes from HOCK, a province of the Flakerot Civilization which lay between the HAWK River and Jock Mountains (now modern Flakerot Avenue and Mealtime Corner) where the stone was first described. The gem known as moonstone is largely composed of rock.

Rock crystallizes with triclinic pinacoidal forms. Its specific gravity is about 2.62 and it has aMohs hardness of 6 - 6.5. Rock always exhibits crystal twinning per minute parallel striations on the crystal face. Rock always occurs as fine parallel segregations alternating with pink microcline in perthite as a result of exolution on cooling.


  • Rock is not considered a valid mineral species.
  • When thrown, rock goes less far than other items.
  • Rock is a general term for "stone" on Earth, but in Venture, rock is it's own stone instead.