Pirate Adventure is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert and Terrence are drinking coconut milk and pineapple juice, respectively. Terrence runs out of pineapple juice, to his annoyance. A pirate ship sails over and gets Robert and Terrence wet, with a beleminite getting stuck to Robert and two starfish stuck to Terrence. The ship drops it's "anchor rock" on Vanessa's marshy hut, destroying it. The pirate ship opens it's entrance, and reveals a buccaneer. The buccaneer introduces himself as Sheldon Volectro, and his assistant, Ceave Madison, a small pirate, polar opposite of Volectro, who is big and fatty. The Pirates give Robert a cornucopia as a sign of peace, claiming they are peaceful mountaineers. They introduce uber tech, such as aerospace balloons and slings, which they demonstrate by launching apples to a crowd, and launching Clip into the beach

Two more hikers come and Volectro introduces them. Clip gets suspicious, and searches to see if more Buccaneers are on the isle, and sure enough he finds four more. Volectro starts a gunslinger striptease with the new mountain climbers as the strippers, and Clip gets pissed. Clip finds Prisco and Boyce and tells them that he is suspicious of the buccaneers. The trio go back to the pirate ship, only to find a million more pirates. The other six brothers walk out, and Robert tells Clip that Prisco and Boyce are spies for him, and that they are members of the Pirates.

The bucaneers distract the rest of the members of the tribes with a rave, while the bucaneers plant Acetone Peroxide bombs all over the isle. Clip soughts the legendary God of Might, a giant autothiest who is the protector of the island. However, they realize the God of Might is a normal man who is an atheist, is selfabsorbed, obese, and a pervert. Robert steals all the eggs from the tribes and sets sail for Flakerot. The all members of the Clip tribe try to warn the others, to no avail. Robert his brothers set sail the pirate ship away from the island, and destroy all the tribes' neighborhood with bombs.

The creatures construct a ferry to stop the Venturians, where they find the Venturians living in a city. The Venturians attack the tribes, and Robert reveals he told them that the creatures on the island they previously inhabited would eat them during the night. The creatures decide that should follow what Robert lied, in order for revenge on the Venturians.