Lulu Lemonade is the true form of The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon. Contrary to the lemon being refered to as a he' multiple times, Lulu is oftenly reffered to as a female.


Lulu Lemonade appears as a solution with a lemon slice on it. Lulu also has two eyebrows and eyelashes (unlike Nigh Omnipotent Lemon, whose only article of hair is his eyebrows. She also has two Black and White eyes and a mouth shaped like the number "3", both of which are traits coming from The Night Omnipotent Lemon.


Lulu Lemonade is a highly respected fruit being, being the true for of one of the Fruit Deities. Legends tell that Lulu is unlike Nigh Omnipotent Lemon as she is not a demonstrator, therefore causing riots against the murder of lemons and using their innards as flavoring agents in pie meringue, lemon bars, solutions, marmalade. This has been denied as it turns out, Lulu Lemonade has the exact opinions as The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon.