"The fans are right, too. Like ladders. I did not want ladders in Venture at all. Ladders suck. They suck in Venture too. But they are a great utility. It is an easy way to get straight up without having stairs going back and forth. So I added them anyway because the fans convinced me." - Brendan

Ladders are wood objects used for climbing walls vertically or horizontally. They can be placed on the sides of anything except ladders. They are always portable, and can be broken off when fixed to buildings.


Ladders can be broken by any tool, or no tool, but a maul is fastest.


Ladders use seven twigs to make two ladders.


  • Ladders provide a way to safely cushion impact after a free fall. Upon entering area of effect, speed is reduced instantly to normal ladder descent speed and no damage is taken. Care should be taken to avoid landing on the top surface of the ladder, as this will incur normal fall damage.
  • Holding the crouch key while climbing a ladder will grab hold, to prevent you from falling. When you hold onto a ladder, mining fatigue is increased.
  • Any creature can climb a ladder in the same way you do: by shoving against it. Creatures are stupid enough to unintentionally use ladders; they will not stay on to get somewhere, but a ladder in their straight line path will let them climb up.


  • Climbing ladders functions pretty much the same as climbing waterfalls, only you have to be close enough to the ladder to climb it, where you can be anywhere in the waterfall to climb it. Ivy is also the same thing as climbing ladders.
  • Ladders are the first object to only be placed on the sides of other objects. The second is ivy.