[Hit on the head by stone]

"My crown!"

"Sheldon Volectro", real named King Aperture, is a character in Venturian Battle.


Aperture appears as a fat man with dark brown hair and a mustache. He also have blue eyes. He first appears without a diadem. Later when he steals all of the eggs along with the buccaneers and to be taken to the isle. Aperture is seen wearing a diadem on his head adorned with rubellites and sodalites as opposed only many lapis lazuli gems. His first outfit is a white diaper where he was taking a bath. His second outfit is his crimson sporty attire and third and final outfit, Aperture wears only his King's scarlet paenula with white black fur trim collar along with his rubellite and sodalite crown where he was crowned as a king and he is ready to eat the Eggs.


Robert and his brothers were buccaneers and inhabitants of an isle, and called the rest of their crew to pretend they peaceful hikers are coming to the island, and the Jacobs pretend to not know them. As more Buccaneers came to the isle and adjusted to society, Clip got suspicious. Aperture was given the honor to destroy the creatures' neighborhood with bombs.

When the Jacobs were wrecking Aperture Stronghold, he called out his forces, including Venturians in airplanes, guards, and dynamite. However, all of his airplanes were taken down, and the guards were incapiciated. Aperture fought Robert in a tower of exploding containers, were Robert lit one with a torch to evade Aperture. Aperture was killed in the explosion.


Aperture Pee

Robert clearly hated King Aperture


  • He is the first recurring character to be killed in Venture. The second is Ceave Madisan.
  • He strongly resembles Adolf Hitler.
  • Robert pissed on Aperture's grave.
  • King Gilbert Marquis de Aperture XIV is his full name.
  • He had no balls, like how Adolf Hitler had one.
  • After his death was announced, many nations had a celebration. One of the things they did was burning his face.