Hei are egg laying animals.


Natural Generation

Hei naturally generate on wabe with two meters of free space at daytime.


Hei drop from 0-2 feathers or quills.

Hri drop 1-3 XP when killed by a player.


Hei are 0.7 meters tall and 0.4 meters wide.

Hei wander aimlessly, and always swim in water. When falling they flap their wings quickly and fall slowly, making them immune to fall damage. Despite this, they will still avoid cliffs.

A Hei will lay one egg every five to ten minutes.

They share behaviors with other Venture animals:

  • They are draw to radiance in moonlit environments.
  • When struck, they run around quickly and aimlessly.
  • They can swim, flapping their wings on the surface.

In Venturian Battle

Hei are domestic animals farmed for food and eggs. They can be cooked and turned into food that is edible to several creatures, do to being bait. Ooze eat Hei to become twice as large in Venturian Battle. Hei also guard egg and nests and are allied with cocks and bushtits. Like in the video game, Hei lay eggs. Hei killed Link, a reference to Cuccos attacking Link in the Legend of Zelda.

Roles in Servers

In Wara Wara, there is a mini game where you have to jump on Hei's. When stepped on, they are flattened and die. Hei's will be knocked off screen if flattened and punched at the same time, causing a "Wombo Combo".


  • Hei are nonexistent in reality, unlike quails.
  • Skittleflake pronounces them as 'hoi', the 'e' making an 'o' sound. On the other hand, Brendan pronounces it identically as "Hey".
  • Hei do not take fall damage. Rather, they slowly glide if knocked off a high area.