Doyon Want get a Goblet of Beer? is a bar on server Wara Wara. Robert Jacob and his brothers go there oftentimes, to get drinks, to hang out, or play video games.


Beer: One Jade (one free during happy hour)

Vodka: 5 Jades (3 during happy hour)

Rum: 2 Jades

Spirit: 3 Jades (2 during happy hour)

Cosmopolitan: 4 Jades

Vodka: 2 Jades

Screwdriver: 5 Jades (3 during happy hour)

Bloody Mary: 10 Jades

Pina Colada: 7 Jades (4 during Happy Hour)


The exterior looks like a cylinder shaped silo, with doors covered in rust, topped with a sign saying "Doyon Want get Goblet of Beer?" in neon, and rusted park benches surrounding.

Interior Edit

It looks like a normal bar with a high ceiling. The stools are rusty and the bathroom is surprisingly 100 feet away from the bar. Upstairs there is an arcade with T and M rated games.

Arcade Games

Street Fighter: Look up Street Fighter.

Mortal Combat: Look up Mortal Combat

Nuke: Shoot apart all the crazed villagers, and stop the nuclear bomb from exploding before you die!

Venture The Arcade Game: A demo of the console version of Venture but with Master System graphics.

Civilian Ninja: You chop civilians in half with different swords(combat knife, machete, etc.) while avoiding dynamite.

Golden Ax: Look up Golden Ax.

Gauntlet: Look up Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows.

Spy Hunter: Look up Spy Hunter.

Laser Tag: Not an arcade game but rather a normal game of laser tag, you shoot people with lasers, but this time you have to shoot apart a giant space snake coming out of a meteoroid.


Mr. Llewen, "The worst critic ever who never gives anything 10/10", gave Doyon Want get a Goblet of Beer? an 8/10, while on the Nebag Debag Critics Site all users and critics gave it a 10/10.