Crawlers are common unemotional creatures that have the unique ability to climb walls.


Crawlers spawn in 3x3x2 space on soliders (centered on the middle object) in dark areas, in groups of four.

Creature Creators

Crawlers spawn from creators in Torture Chambers.


Crawlers drop 0-2 yarn upon death. They drop five XP when killed.


Crawlers are aggressive as long as it is dark; otherwise they will not attack unless you attack first. Aggressive crawlers will continue chasing you even if exposed to light. If a crawler sustains fall damage, it's hostility will be reset.

Crawlers can climb over walls. If a crawler cannot find an ideal path to the player, it will get as close as possible, and proceed to climb the wall vertically until it gets to the top, even if it loses aggression towards the player. Additionally, when a crawler loses it's hostility, it will continue moving blind for two seconds. This behavior causes the crawler to climb up walls.

If shot from distance with a bullet when outside range, crawlers will turn and run the direction the bullet was fired, essentially towards the player. If the player moves, the crawler will follow the path unless the player enters range, then the crawler will change direction and attack.

Crawlers always jump when attacking. At close range, crawlers will occasionally bounce on their attackers.


Brendan thought about adding Crawlers at one point. So, later on he officially added them. They were originally brown. Killing them gives the player 105 points.

Crawlers now drop 0-2 yarn upon death.


  • There is a tribe of Crawlers called the Eris.
  • Additionally, Muffin is a hybrid between a muffin and a Crawler.
  • Muffin's muffins are made out of Crawlers.
  • Crawlers, despite the name and appearance, have no relationship with spiders besides having eight legs. Rather, they are more related to humans and insects.
  • In Venturian Battle's episode, Muffin's Bakery, Muffin talks about reuniting the Crawler Tribes.
  • Crawlers are the first neutral creature added to Venture. The second are Undead Labmen.