Clip's Deception is the first episode in the Venturian Battle television show. In it, Robert wages two peridots on Clip that he can get a team of terminators. 


Robert is walking through the dark night, and encounters the chief of Clip (a tribe of cannibals). Clip summons the Eris (tribe of crawlers) to eat Robert, but he smashes them flat (along with indigo fluid). Robert attempts to kill Clip by slicing him in half, but Clip reminds him ROBERT CANNOT KILL HIM. Clip summons the other Clip cannibals which try to kill Robert with mallets, but he uses a flashbang to decapitate them. It becomes day, and Clip runs away on fire. Robert hops on his PC and looks up "Apocalypse Team" and finds other people's apocalypse teams. Robert wages two peridot gems on Clip that he can get an apocalypse team. Robert goes onto the server "Wara Wara" to find recruits for his team based on the images he found.

He finds the first recruit, Florence Ingrid, to be the brains, after seeing her solve a complex algebra problem (written on a sign). He finds the second recruit, Vanessa Ingrid, to be the brawler, after catching her shoot down a punk. Robert finds the third recruit, Zoe Ingrid, to be the speed fighter, while seeing her deliver mail one message per second. Robert makes up another proffesion, second in command, which goes to Mervin Winter, after seeing his high intellect. The weapons expert is Ted Fletcherson, after seeing Ted pull a shotgun out of his pork pie hat. Robert recruits Glender Gerald Cortez to be medic, after Glender cures him from drunkness with an "antidote" (actually Glender's boogers). Robert recruits Scarlet Sherman as mascot, after seeing her cute face,. Finally, Robert recruits Luke Franklinson as guy who dies first, after seeing Luke fall asleep on the street.

To celebrate a complete team, Robert's first staff meeting with them is to take them to Doyon Want Get Goblet of Beer? as a token of appreciation, along with his seven brothers, Terrence, Tyler, Athanios, Scottie, Prisco, Cyan, and Boyce. Robert finds DWGGoB, and is surprised by the apperance. Instead of being what he was expecting, a bar, it turns out to be a cylinder silo with rust spots all over it and a sign saying "Doyon Want Get Goblet of Beer? in neon, and rusted benches outside. Robert opens the rust doors, and finds DWGGoB is a normal bar, only with a high ceiling. Everyone gets a scottish beer, and Robert thanks everyone for joining his apocalypse team. After getting drunk on beer, they go in Robert's railless mine trolleys to the Dlab Village. Once the Clip tribe comes over, Robert shows them his apocalypse team, and is rewarded four peridot gems, as well as the Clip chief's pancreas, to Robert's disgust.


See: Venturian Battle: Episode One: Clip's Deception\Transcript



  • The episode will stop airing on December 1, 2017, due to copyright concerns.