Bovines are animals in Venturian Battle.


Bovines are five inches.

Natural Generation

Bovines spawn in herds of four on objects with six feet of spaces or more, during daytime. They only spawn in herds


Bovines drop zero to two leather.

Bovines can be milked by using a pail.


Bovines are slow and aimless, mooing and breathing occasionally. They will avoid walking off cliffs high enough to get harmed, and always stay out of water. Like other animals, they will panic and variously run around if you hit them. 

Venturian Battle

Bovines are used to make buttermilk. Bovines are normally protected by users with Taurus zodiac and Gamekeeper archetype. Bovines are normally killed by users with the butcher and visitor archetypes. Homemaker archetype users use them to make buttermilk. 

A Bovine will follow a player if they are holding barley, but will stop if you travel far away (ten meters).  


  • Bovines are the third animal added to Venture; the first are Babirusa and second are Ewes.
  • Due to it dairy being obtained from them, it is often interpreted that bovines are cows.