Apples grow on plants in Venture, and can be eaten.


Apple Trees

Apple can randomly appear when leaves on Apple Trees are destroyed.



Apples restore 4 Hunger Points when eaten.

Uses in Third Party MiniGames

Alien Survival

Fruit is the main food source for vegetarian extra terrestials, but all can eat them. Apples grow on trees, shrubs, or bushes and falls on the ground when hit. Apples that have fallen will eventually turn blue and first they emit byznatium fumes and then lemon fumes, this means that the fruit has decayed and that the alien cannot eat it anymore. Predators cannot eat apples. If this is done, the predator will barf and not gain any energy. The Hunger Bar will also deplete a lot.

Dlab Simulator

Fruit can be harvested by all villages. If gathering canes are purchased by Dlabs in the hood planner, gathering apples can be easy, because they double the amount of food your Dlabs can hold, with Max gathering, this means 10 food per run. The item 'Refreshing Cloud' also aids in apple gathering, as it replenishes the bushes and trees with apples and then makes them fall on the ground. This is up to double the amount of apples (citation needed).

Fruit Hunters

Apples are the main purpose of fruit hunters, where the more fruit you collect, the more points you get. Apples are not consumed in this mode; rather, they are collected. There are two types: score apples, and prize apples. Score apples simply increase the score, while prize apples give prizes in addition. Prizes vary from anything, to tickets for Archetype changing, to mythical items.

World Edit (Command)

Apples can be put into missions as a prop. It appears in three ways; as a Pile of apples, as a Basket of apples and as a single apple, only the basket and the single apple can be held in the mission.


  • DO NOT eat bright red fruits that resemble apples, if it's not in an apple tree. That fruit may be a highly poisonus Yewchinilla (Yew).