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• 10/8/2017

Resetting of the Map

I would like to reset the Venture map. Any help?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/14/2017

Venturian Battle: Season 4 Episode Schedule

BIOMECHA: War of Metri City: August 16, 2017
Rocket Ride: August 18, 2017
Adventurer Factory: Burning Ordeal: August 20, 2017
Time of the Trolls: August 22, 2017
Metaninjas: Senseis of Battlejitzu!: August 24, 2017
Guardians of Venture: August 26, 2017
Battle for Hogwarts: August 28 2017
The Forbidden Woods: September 4 2017 (Skipped a week because of Morphers and Bounty)
Dock Blocking: September 6 2017
One Small Step: September 8 2017
Fountain of Youth: September 10 2017
Isle Quests: September 12 2017
Kingdom Defense: September 19 2017 (Skipped another week because of Venture: Missions)
Lighthouse Isle: September 22 2017
City of Atlantis: September 29 2017 (Skipped a week for the Venturian Battle Batman DVD)
Spy Sequel: October 1 2017
Motor Coffee Shop: October 4 2017
Venture Mini Game Collection Try Outs: October 6 2017
Jonah's Missions: October 8 2017
Caves of Nathooz: October 10 2017
Fortress Fortaan: October 17 2017 (Skipped a week for Shadoweb)
Pet Shop Panic: October 20 2017
Venture Worker School 1: October 22 2017
Burj Khalifa and Farnsworth House: October 24 2017
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• 8/6/2017

Morphers Generations 4-9 Actors and Characters (Unconfirmed)

Nikolai: Yongguk
Nor-Man: David DeLuise
Roland: Prince Henrik of Denmark, Count of Monpezat
Bernard: Patrick Flueger
Melvin: Patrick Flueger
Fletcher: David DeLuise
Gilbert: Sakis
Valentine: Ryan Lee
Boyd: Sakis
The rest are TBA
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• 7/30/2017

Venture Calendar August 2017

Attention All Earthlings!
Adding new articles and editing existing ones is the key to protecting the world from mutant hostility! Now, go help the wiki today!

Monthly Venture Model
Monthly Venture Model
Venturefestival Big Top
Venturefestival Big Top
Will be at Carlsbad for 2 Days
Will be at Carlsbad for 2 Days
Fight Mutated Conquest
Fight Mutated Conquest
Join in a Skin Making Event
Join in a Skin Making Event
VBS Tip of the Month
Join in a Mutant Conquest Meeting
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
Greys Have Invaded VBHQ!
WIN a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Ventureland!
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• 6/29/2017

Venturstone Plot

A black hole has opened at Flake Rot. The Jacobs get sucked in and end up in the realm of Erutpev. In Erutpev, they use these mysterious rocks called Venturstones. Depending on the image depicted on the Venturstone, different powers can be used. However, Erutpev is less immune to the void than Venture: Void Monsters run amuck, and the Venturians must combat them to build a reputation.
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• 5/27/2017 Ultra Team

Create an account or login to Gangster's Paradise and meet me at EPF. I am Robert Jacob.
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This post is locked.
• 2/26/2017
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• 2/8/2017

Venture ESRB Rating

Thought this would be appropriate:
Rating Category: T
Content Descriptors: Animated Blood, Violence
Other: Online interactions not rated by ESRB
Rating Summary: This is a puzzle-adventure game in which players mine "Venturian"' landscapes to harvest stylized materials.  From a first-person perspective, players traverse an “open-world” environment, avoid hazards, build new structures, and craft weaponry (e.g., blades, hatchets and guns) to occasionally defend against creatures (e.g., cannibals, shooters, titanic crawlers). Homicidal methods also include setting enemies alight with fire strikers or luring them into molten rock (causing them to turn red, black, and skeletal). Players can also engage in murderous acts such as lighting animals on fire and killing them with weaponry  .   Major explosions are depicted as players use acetone peroxide to fend off monsters and mine the environment. The game also features arena events in which many players compete against each other; during these events players are able to slaughter their opponents with weaponry and objects. Enemies generally break apart amid eruptions of multicolored blood. One species ("Undead Labmen") are depicted with red markings surrounding their mouth and on their blades.
​If you want more information on how ESRB rates games and rating descriptors, go here. Italized sections are not part of the rating descriptor.
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• 1/25/2017

Grandmaster Creators: Episode 1: Construction

Martin: Hey guys! Is today awesome?
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• 1/19/2017

All New Venture Custom Maps!

You can make your own! Just follow the following requirements:

Must use materials from the game. Look through Category:Objects to find these.
Must be appropriate; no swearing, drugs, sexual content, or too much gore.
I am excited to see what you make!
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• 1/14/2017

Grandmaster Creators: Prolouge

I plan on making an all new movie, Grandmaster Creators, which will also have a Venturian Battle crossover! Here are the characters you can play:
What is basically going on is Lord Trump has broken into the volcano base, knocked down the knights, and brought his zombie army. FIGHT!
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• 1/11/2017


Yes, I Skittleflake have an announcer. I am here to talk about fanon fleche. Yes, I know that they recently attacked, but it was in a retalliation on you stalking them. Please leave them alone if you don't want drama. I recently chatted with them and they just want to be left alone. Also, I saw that they were recently blocked. I unblocked them because they truly did nothing wrong. Also, WD, I'm not going to adress you if you stop being an asshill to them. Well, that's what I have too say for now. If this drama escalates, I will have to take action.
-Your Obedient Servant, S. Flake
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• 11/19/2016

venture history

nations current this is current (2016)
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• 10/4/2016

Venture: Halloween Update!

Go to this link. Don't be scared that it says it contains "Mature Content". It's not overt.
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• 8/18/2016


I have decided that in order to avoid Negative Continuity as much as possible, Season Three will be split between the two of us: we will each get a season to work on. Here are my ideas:
Trigger's Season Three: Involves the brothers exploring the Venture universe and fighting off Darklings. The episodes will be like an MMO, because, in fact, Venture IS an MMO!!!
Skittleflake's Season Three: It is your season, so you get to decide on what happens.
Sure, this news is "Too Early" or something, but bare in mind that we completed Season One in A MONTH AND A HALF. Yeah, every Season I will work on will be twenty episodes long, but considering you will get one entirely yours, Skittleflake, you can get to decide how many episodes it is. Do you disagree or agree with this? Discuss this as you wish!
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• 8/10/2016

LEGO sets based on my ideas

I got into making some LEGO sets, and there are some Venture, some Metaworld, some Jonah Universe, etc. Anyhow, here they are!

Contents[show] Venture
Rock Wrecker
Robert in it The Rock Wrecker has Robert Jacob and the Rock Wrecker. Like the one in Future Mining: Part 2, it has a net launcher, a TNT hurler, chainsaws, and a coffee machine
Metaworld Tundra
Under construction.
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• 7/31/2016


Today is my last day in america for awhile, since I'm going on vacation... I may not be active for 2 weeks.
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• 7/28/2016

News Mash Up!

There are many things I have to announce, so instead of wasting precious activity space, I am going to post it all here for today!

Other Projects
Besides Venture, Metaworld, Jonah Universe, and I forgot the other one, there is also Morphers! I have already created the wiki, but way more pages will come in February 2017!
There is also another one, Finn's Army. You might like it, but I dunno, I just feel like you might not be interested. 

Wikia News
I decided we can list tropes from TV Tropes on our pages! That is about it. More Trigger Happy the Gremlin life story blogs because those are entertaining. 

Outside of Wiki News
I am having a Memesquad and we get our own wiki! We will build our own village in the style of Venture, so let's do this thing!

Epic Suspenseful Action Music "ENEMY" Original Film Movie Soundtracks, dramatic This is going to be a music theme in Venture. Stinger!
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• 7/24/2016


In venturian battle, ultra team part 2, Clip was greusomly murdered by- THE ONE AND ONLY ROBERT JACOB. We grieve for Clip and send consolense to his family, may lord ooze have mercy upon his soul-

RIP Clip
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